Racing 2001

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*Actually we are so busy getting ready for Daytona in a couple weeks, I hope to have time to post something...

Feb 27: We are on the road to Florida. Jay and John Faust are driving John's rig (they left yesterday at dark thirty from Colorado) and I will be leaving tonight to catch a "red-eye" flight. Hopefully we will all meet up in Orlando tomorrow. The plan is to run practice at Deland on Thursday and race there on Friday 3/2. Deland is an airport circuit and will give us a chance to dial the bike in for Daytona. The engine is all new and Jay has it opened up to 701cc now. We will be going through tech at AMI on Sunday and will be at the Speedway on Monday 3/5 to race in AHRMA Supermono. I think we are the second to last race of the day on Monday... Stop by and say Hi if you're at the races! Look for #30...We need all the luck we can get!

Mar 7: We had some good luck and some bad luck... In Fridays race at the Deland airport we won the Supermono race by a comfortable margin (none of the Europeans were there)... that's the good news. At Daytona on Monday we had problems with the bike blowing oil out the breather and oiling the rear tire so I didn't get much track time to set up gearing and figure out the setup. Jay worked on it up 'til the race and I went out hoping for the best. The British Supermono champion was there and three other English riders on the same team ,  Jerry Wood from Penguin Roadracing School on a Ducati Mono and all the other Americans (21 riders on the grid). I was grided on the forth row (16 riders ahead of me)... I kinda played it too safe on the start going into turn one but was into the top ten by the Int'l Horseshoe and by the chicane on the 1st lap I stuffed past one of the Europeans into forth place... I could see two bikes ahead battling for second and the leader ahead of them. The wind had picked up and coming off the west banking into the wind I found out that I was at least a tooth too tall and the bike wouldn't redline in 6th. I could barely keep pace with the two riders ahead and on the third lap I got black flagged for oil smoking off the pipe and I was done... Jay thinks maybe the piston was scuffed and blow-by was pumping oil out the breather... It turns out that the leader had to drop out with brake problems so we might have finished third if the bike had held its mud (Jerry Wood won) ...Sometimes its champagne and sometimes its oil... that's racing.